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Throughout Ninja's journey, he wears different colored belts that show his mastery of the ninja way. There are 6 belts in total: White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, and Black, along with the Master Grade that is obtained after collecting every Grade in the game. With each belt Ninja gets, his total amount of health increases. Higher ranking belts are also required in order to face the bosses of the hub areas and to complete additional missions within previously completed levels.

Belt Requirements and Descriptions[]

White Belt.PNG
Yellow Belt.PNG
Green Belt.PNG
Blue Belt.PNG

White: The belt of a beginner to the ninja way.

Yellow (3 Grades): "Maximum respect Ninja, you have earned your yellow belt."

Green (9 Grades): "You have learned much, but have much to learn. The green belt is yours."

Blue (17 Grades): "You are a quick learner, Ninja. Take your blue belt."

Red Belt.PNG
Black Belt.PNG

Red (27 Grades): "Fast and fierce in battle, the true sign of a red belt. This is for you."

Black (38 Grades): "I must admit, I had my doubts, but you are a killing machine. Here is your black belt."

Master Grade.PNG

Master Grade (All Grades): "Ninja, you have fought hard and earned all the Grades that I have to offer. You are no longer my student, you are now a ninja master. Return to Robot Beach and show your skills in the Battle Arena."