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Emperor O-Dor or Master O-Dor is the last boss and the main antagonist in I-Ninja.

Emperor O-dor[]

O-Dor is the leader of the Ranx army, he releases a lot of methane hence the name "O-Dor" a play on words with odor, you can see that he is using the methane to power his quadruple jetpack.


O-Dor wears big thick black, brown, grey and orange armour with a big tube filled with methane from his stomach, leading to two tubes leading into each side of his head, he has big red and black eyes (probably because of the rage stones), very sharp teeth, a deep voice, 1 very big hand with sharp claws, small legs, and a big Sontaran like head, on one arm he has a mini-gun hand and on the other he just has very large claws, and a large spike on each shoulder.

o-dor might be back in i-ninja 2.


- O-Dor is not really a difficult boss, unlike other bosses, he can be defeated easily and fast. Depending on the player's performance, you can defeat him without letting Ninja lose blood.

Emperor O-Dor