Emperor O-Dor
Vital statistics
Type Mission
Level Last boss mission
Location Space Station
Inhabitants O-Dor
Emperor O-Dor is the last boss mission in the game.

Mission Edit

In this mission, Ninja meets O-Dor. The two locked in a conversation before the fight, O-Dor however, do not feel happy with the Ninja words, then challenges him to a battle where he plans to kill him.

Unlike other missions, this, Ninja must face the boss in two stages. In the first stage, the fight is faster and easier. In the second stage, the struggle can be a little longer long (but still easy) and O-Dor uses different strokes to attack, such as missile, fire.

Trivia Edit

- The theme song of O-Dor has 3 different versions. You can only hear them in the PS2 version.

- The theme song has some arrangements of themes Outpost Alpha and The Cryo-Chamber.

- Unlike other bosses missions, this does not appear the phrase "Perfect" when you defeat the boss without losing blood and use a Rage-Ability.

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