Eye 2 Eye
Vital statistics
Type Mission
Level Robot Beach (mission 2)
Location Robot Beach
Inhabitants Ranxs
Eye 2 Eye is an mission in Robot Beach.

Trivia Edit

  • Interestingly, one can see Kyza's head in this level, submerged in liquid within a gigantic container, in the room with the laser system. There's also a computer screen with the head displayed on it, on a wall in that very same room. Piecing all of this together (though it is never stated explicitly in the game), it appears that Kyza (and, very likely, Ventis too) is a war machine created to serve O-Dor's army. Apparently, after the first fight (which IS mentioned in the game) between Kyza and Tekayama (when the latter was likely piloted by his creator, Yang) in which Kyza won and punched a hole through his opponent's chest, he himself had sustained some damage from Tekayama before defeating him, and was now being fixed by the Ranx. This explains why Ninja only sees the robot's head (which, by the way, is missing the glass for his eyes/sunglasses). It also explains why the Ranx chose to use Tekayama's salvaged eyeball as a laser security system in that particular room (they wanted to keep away any intruders that might want to sabotage Kyza's repairs).
  • The level's name is a play on the phrase "Eye To Eye", replacing "To" with "2" as a hint that this is the level in which Ninja recovers Tekayama's second eyeball.
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