Jungle Falls
1531 08
Vital statistics
Type Jungle
Level 3
Location Among Bomb Bay and Mountain Gorge
Inhabitants Psyamon, Twikki
Jungle Falls is the 3th hub world in I-Ninja.

Jungle Falls Edit

The Jungle has been overrun by Ranx who are extracting the life-giving Sap from the Jungle to open a gateway to the underworld. Ninja must infiltrate the Sap extraction plant, then shoot down the flying Ranx 'suckers' that feed on the sacred trees. Twikki, the Jungle Guardian, is missing; presumed chicken. Only he holds the key to the Mountain Gorge.

Missions Edit

Buzz Off!

Ride the Logs

Sly Ninja

Psyamon (Boss)

New enemies Edit

Shooter Ranx

Ranx Laser

Mine Laying Ranx

Copter Ranx


Kappa Captain

Buzz-Saw Ranx

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