Vital statistics
Title -
Gender Male
Race Robot
Faction Ranx
Health -
Level Robot Beach (Boss)
Status -
Location Robot Beach
Kyza is the first boss in I-Ninja.

Kyza Edit

The heavyweight champ of Robot Beach, Kyza is 150 feet tall. Ninja needs to rebuild Tekayama if he is going to stand a chance in the ring with Kyza.

Appearances Edit

Kyza (Boss mission)

Egg Shell Skull

Trivia Edit

  • As the fight progresses and Tekayama inflicts damage on Kyza, he will sustain injuries. First, the glass on his left eye will break. Then his nose will fall off. After that, he will lose his lower jaw. When his health bar reaches zero, his right eye may or may not break and he will stumble a bit before falling on his back in the water.
  • During the boss level, after each injury, Kyza will walk backwards and then fire three rockets at a time several times at the player from his fists' knuckles that open, before walking forward and resuming the boxing match. He won't do it during the Egg Shell Skull mission, however. Instead, he'll continue fighting Tekayama with his fists.
  • If your health reaches zero (which is really easy to happen in the Egg Shell Skull mission), Kyza will uppercut Tekayama's head, tearing it from his shoulders and sending it flying into the sky. The kill cam will show Ninja having fallen on his back inside the severed head, and, as the head goes up and then falls back down, one can see Tekayama's headless body swaying back and forth as Kyza cheers on.
  • When Kyza brings his right fist up to block your attacks and it starts glowing orange, do not keep punching. If you do, it will result in an unavoidable attack where Kyza leans forward quickly and hits you with his spike/hairdo.
  • Kyza will only use his glowing right fist to block attacks during the first round. After the second round, whenever he anticipates your attacks, he will shrug them off. The only attack he cannot defend himself against is firing Tekayama's eyeball lasers at him.
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