Vital statistics
Type Mission
Level Jungle Falls Boss
Location Jungle Falls
Inhabitants Psyamon\Patrol Ranxs
Psyamon is the boss mission in Jungle Falls.

Trivia Edit

  • Psyamon is arguably the most mysterious character in the entire game. His affiliation to O-Dor is not clear. All that is known is that he is a demonic creature that is not of this world (he appears from a sap-powered portal to the underworld and subsequently falls back into it after Ninja defeats him) in possession of a rage stone. A possibility is that he, like Malakai, is a high-ranking general in O-Dor's army. His ghostly henchmen could be the spirits of fallen Ranx soldiers that Ninja has already killed.
  • He shares many similarities with the Ghast enemies from Minecraft:

- Both Psyamon and the Ghasts are jellyfish-like in appearance, with a huge body that somewhat doubles as a head, with eyes and a mouth on it.

- They can fire energy balls that deal a lot of damage out of their mouths.

- Their limbs are what appear to be tentacles (Ghasts have 9 tentacles that hang under their body/head), while Psyamon has 3 pairs (6 tentacles) that stick out the sides of his body/head. The first pair ends with 3-fingered hands, while the other two end with what vaguely resemble teeth or scorpion stings.

- They are demonic/monstrous in nature and live in an underworld plain (that could be Hell itself). Psyamon is what appears to be a demonic general in the Ranx armies, being able to spawn endless hordes of Wraith Ranx. Ghasts, on the other hand, are eerie, jellyfish-like ghostly monstrosities that can pass through solid objects and constantly emit infant-like, blood-chilling sounds

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