Vital statistics
Title Master
Gender Male
Race Human (Ghost)
Faction N/A
Health N/A
Level Does Not Appear in Missions (Except Outpost Alpha)
Status Deceased (Later Resurrected)
Location Robot Beach, Bomb Bay, Jungle Falls, Mountain Gorge, Moon Base, Space Station
Sensei is a supporting character in I-Ninja, being the master of Ninja, the main protagonist.

Story Edit

Ninja's wise and slightly dead master. Sensei was once a great warrior, but now prefers to watch the fights from distance and pass on his mystical wisdom to his apprentice - but he doesn't make sense. Sensei was later captured by the Ranx, only to be freed by Ninja. Shortly afterwards, a large monster appears behind them, which Ninja quickly slays. A mysterious stone then emerges from the monster and causes Ninja to fly out of control, accidentally killing his master in the process. The latter's ghost proceeds to explain that was a rage stone and that there are more of them that Ninja must retrieve. Afterwards, Ninja then begins his journey on Robot Beach.

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