Ninja Sword

Ninja wielding the Steel Sword in battle.


Ninja uses a total of six swords throughout his journey to obtain the Rage Stones and defeat O-Dor.

He begins his journey with a simple steel katana, with no description given for this blade. Ninja can acquire new swords from Sensei each time he kills a certain number of Ranx, each consecutive sword upgrade has a description and is more powerful than the last.

Sword NamesEdit

Below is a list of the Swords within the game, and the description given to each.

Sword 1-0

1. Steel Sword: A simple steel blade, wielded by the ninja in training.

Sword 2

2. The Golden Sword: This Golden Sword was forged in lead, but turned to gold by a mighty alchemist. It is heavy, but very powerful.

Sword 3

3. The Jade Sword: The Jade Sword was forged in Heaven and carried by the commander of the Angel Armies, it is very light.

Sword 4

4. The Sapphire Sword: The Sapphire Sword was carved out of the largest sapphire crystal ever known, and found on the floor of the deepest ocean. It is light... and razor sharp.

Sword 5

5. The Fire Sword: Formed in the deepest depths of the underworld, this Fire Sword burns its way through its victims, It is light and powerful.

Sword 6

6. The Soul Sword: The Soul Sword was forged from a mysterious metal and imprisons the souls of its victims within its blade.

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