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Ninja wielding the Steel Sword in battle.


Ninja uses a total of six swords throughout his journey to obtain the Rage Stones and defeat O-Dor.

He begins his journey with a simple steel katana, with no description given for this blade. Ninja can acquire new swords from Sensei each time he kills a certain number of Ranx, each consecutive sword upgrade has a description and is more powerful than the last.

Sword Names[]

Below is a list of the Swords within the game, and the description given to each.

Sword 1-0.png

1. Steel Sword: A simple steel blade, wielded by the ninja in training.

Sword 2.png

2. The Golden Sword: This Golden Sword was forged in lead, but turned to gold by a mighty alchemist. It is heavy, but very powerful.

Sword 3.png

3. The Jade Sword: The Jade Sword was forged in Heaven and carried by the commander of the Angel Armies, it is very light.

Sword 4.png

4. The Sapphire Sword: The Sapphire Sword was carved out of the largest sapphire crystal ever known, and found on the floor of the deepest ocean. It is light... and razor sharp.

Sword 5.png

5. The Fire Sword: Formed in the deepest depths of the underworld, this Fire Sword burns its way through its victims, It is light and powerful.

Sword 6.png

6. The Soul Sword: The Soul Sword was forged from a mysterious metal and imprisons the souls of its victims within its blade.