The Imperial Guard
Vital statistics
Type Mission
Level Moon Base (mission 3)
Location Space Station
Inhabitants Stenchu Ranxs

The Imperial Guard is an mission to Moon Base localized in Space Station.

Mission Edit

This is the last mission before facing the Emperor, Ninja meets bodyguards, who are the last line of defense. New enemies is Stenchu. In this mission, Ninja should just kill all the bodyguards. Stenchu are an teenage ninja that to use karate against Ninja. They are a bit stronger and faster than other traditional Ranxs and other enemies.

Enemies Edit


Ranx Laser

Ranx Captain

Total: 25

Side missions Edit

Hunt the enemies

Beat The Clock

Trivia Edit


- In this mission, there is a "bug" where you can go out of the Nave. This happens only in the version for PlayStation 2.

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